Radio Station - Kaiser Chiefs

  • Ruby
  • I Predict a Riot
  • Everyday I Love You Less and Less
  • Modern Way
  • Oh My God
  • Na Na Na Na Naa
  • Never Miss a Beat
  • The Angry Mob
  • Everything Is Average Nowadays
  • Heat Dies Down
  • You Can Have It All
  • Born to Be a Dancer
  • Saturday Night
  • Thank You Very Much
  • Time Honoured Tradition
  • Caroline, Yes
  • What Did I Ever Give You?
  • Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)
  • Good Days Bad Days
  • My Kind of Guy
  • Team Mate
  • Learnt My Lesson Well
  • Highroyds
  • Boxing Champ
  • Retirement
  • I Can Do It Without You
  • Try Your Best
  • Spanish Metal
  • Like It Too Much
  • Can't Say What I Mean
  • You Want History
  • Tomato in the Rain
  • Addicted to Drugs
  • Half the Truth
  • Always Happens Like That
  • Remember You're a Girl
  • Coming Home
  • Little Shocks
  • The Factory Gates
  • I Heard It Through the Grapevine
  • Man On Mars
  • Another Number
  • Everyday I Love You Less And Less (Spike Stent Mix)
  • Kinda Girl You Are
  • Misery Company
  • Meanwhile Up In Heaven
  • Things Change
  • Starts With Nothing
  • Child Of The Jago
  • Hole in My Soul

We went to the youth club
And we looked out of place
I didn't know where to look
So I looked at your face

But you were a boxing champ
And I was a weakling
You didn't give me a chance
You gave me a beating
And I thank you very much that you did

And as the time went by
We stayed out of trouble
Before I could realize
My age had doubled

The man I became is a tragic bore
And he's not a boxing champ anymore
If there's one thing I've learned, it's to run away
At least I enjoy what I do today
And I thank you very much that I do
© 2018